My name is Whitney Gorbett. Formerly, Whitney Foreman. I have spent the past 4 years living in Nicaragua, on and off, for 6 months at a time. I didn’t grow to love the culture and the people. I fell in love with Candelaria the moment I took that first, dusty, cattle truck ride into the village. I teach dance in Nicaragua, work with youth and women as well as  help run a sponsor student program. However, the greatest desire of my heart is for the restoration of hearts that fill this country, specifically in abused women and youth. You can read past blogs to hear more about how it all began…


Now, I’m starting a new season in Nicaragua, alongside my husband, Kellen Gorbett (!!). We met in Nicaragua in 2010 during a traumatic loss of one of our beloved youth, Anthony Cadena. From there our friendship grew and now I have the honor of doing what I love with my best friend, bringing hope to tired hearts and seeing sons and daughters understand the way they are so relentlessly loved by their father.

Starting our marriage out overseas, we need people to stay connected with us, pray for us, and pour into us. We need your love and support.  We will face struggles but we are up for the challenge and know, with all of our hearts, only beauty & blessing will come from the months ahead.

So, thank you. Thank you for caring about us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you joining hands with us on this journey.

“Jesus looked at these motley twelve and spoke the unexpected “You feed them. Bring what you have”. The disciples scrambled and found five loaves and two fish – a woefully inadequate provision for such a colossal need. But Jesus took what they offered – pitiful lunch that it was – broke it, blessed it, and met the needs of the masses.

a miracle with the ordinary”. -The Exodus Road

Bring what you have. -Jesus.

     For more information on what we will be doing in Nicaragua and through the next year visit:

The Gorbett’s 2013-2014

Photo Credit: Joshua Michael Davis.

Photo Credit: Justin Marshall.



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  2. Kathy Foreman

    Watching Whitney the last four years has. Truly blessed me.. Sharing her Love for Christ with so many..
    Joy and Love of life you see in pictures!
    Being obedient and always keeping her faith.. God has always provided..

    As I prayed for many years for God to send her Godly man to Love and Cherish her ! God sends her Kellen in Nic during such a tragic time.. God had
    Whitney’s husband chosen.. Thank God for Kellen.. As they finish their time in Nic let’s all continue to Pray as they go. To Spain into new ministry.. I love you Both Dearly.. Prayers will continue for
    Sponsors.. Mom

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